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Visitors to Windsor Castle this Christmas will have a special treat, with a special Christmas display including a Christmas tree hung from the ceiling in the Octagon Dining Room....
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key today met with the Queen at Windsor Castle. He met The Queen in the White Drawing Room, part of the suite of Private Apartments where The Queen lives when at Windsor Castle....
The Queen is so worried about cutbacks at the Windsor fire station that she is understood to be planning to employ her own fire surveillance staff at Windsor Castle....
Earlier this year we reported that the government were considering giving The Queen additional funding to repair the royal palaces. It now appears that this rumour was not true....
The Queen is supporting a revised scheme to provide power to Windsor Castle...
In another bizare story, the Daily Star have reported that the Queen is going to abandon Buckingham Palace. ...

Windsor Castle Virtual Tour

Windsor Castle Virtual Tour
Zoom in on photos to see incredible detail
A visual index makes it easy to find what you want
Windsor Castle is the largest occupied castle in the world.  Over the course of nearly 1000 years it has grown from a small Norman fortress into one of the greatest palaces in the world. virtual tour of Windsor Castle gives you unprecedented access to the magnificent State Apartments as well as the truly stunning Georgian Private Apartments, used today by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Content includes:

  • Colour and black and white photographs and descriptions of all of the State Apartments
  • Colour and black and white photographs and descriptions of much of the furniture and many paintings
  • Colour and black and white photographs and descriptions of many of the Private Apartments of the Royal Family
  • Colour and black and white photographs of the Castle grounds
  • Colour paintings of some of the State Apartments and the Private Apartments
  • Panoramas of the Grand Staircase and the Crimson Drawing Room (requires Internet access)
  • Historic engravings showing many of the rooms as they were when in use by Queen Victoria and her family
  • Many extremely rare photographs of the interior of the Castle from Queen Victoria's reign
  • Detailed floor plans of Windsor Castle

Virtual Tour Features

All Virtual Tours include these features:

  • Zoom in on all photos
  • Fulltext search to be able to find what you want
  • Always be able to see where you are on the floor plan
  • Picture tool tips on the floor plan allow you to see the room you are wanting to explore
  • Highlighting of rooms as you move over them in the floor plan
  • All groups of pictures (e.g. of a room) can be played in a slide show
  • All groups of pictures are displayed in thumbnail format so you can easily display the one you want
  • Buttons to move to the next and previous room or furniture item
  • Room and furniture are separated to allow better descriptions
  • Detailed, visual index makes it easy to move to what you want
  • Furniture and works of art are organised into collections to make them easier to access
  • And much much more...

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Configuration
  • Pentium III or better processor.
  • 128Mb of RAM
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • At least 50Mb of free drive space to install the product.
  • Pentium IV or better processor.
  • 256Mb of RAM.
  • Windows 7
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