Queen reported to be abandoning Buckingham Palace

In another story that makes you wonder how they come up with them, the Daily Star have reported that the Queen is going to abandon Buckingham Palace, so that Princes William and Harry can use it for holding parties.

The very concept of the queen could abandon her principal London residence, whilst still fulfilling her duties as monarch is totally ridiculous!  The Queen meets with the Prime Minister every week at Buckingham Palace and receives foreign dignitaries along with many other key functions which could not be performed from Windsor Castle.

Although Queen Victoria did abandon Buckingham Palace after the death of Prince Albert in 1861, the times are substantially different and it would not be politically feasible for the Queen not to be in London during the week.

It certainly is true that The Queen is not hugely fond of Buckingham Palace.  Her private apartments are really in the worst possible place, being on the north side where they get almost no sun.  They are also not as magnificently decorated as the private apartments at Windsor Castle, where The Queen prefers to spend her time.

However, the State Apartments at Buckingham Palace are amongst the most magnificent in the world, with their gilded ceilings setting them apart from any other suite in the world.

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You can see the state and private apartments at Buckingham Palace by purchasing the Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour.
Posted on Sunday 25 May, 2008
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