Queen to have own fire fighting force

The Queen is so worried about cutbacks at the Windsor fire station that she is understood to be planning to employ her own fire surveillance staff at Windsor Castle.
Fire safety is very important for The Queen who had to spend £40 million restoring part of the state and private apartments after a fire there in 1992. She is not the only resident of Windsor concerned about cutbacks at the fire station. Other famous residents including Sir Elton John have signed a petition sent to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
To learn more about the rooms destroyed by the 1992 fire, you can purchase the Windsor Castle Virtual Tour.
For more information on the story: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/royalwatch/news/article_1425275.php/Queen_Elizabeths_fire-fighters
Posted on Tuesday 19 August, 2008
Filed under: Windsor Castle
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