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A new exhibition, When Versailles Was Furnished in Silver, which runs until 9 March, gives a visitor a idea of the opulence of Versailles in the reign of Louis XIV. Made up of silver furniture from the great palaces of Europe including Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace...
The first complete restoration of the Hall of Mirrors since it was created over 300 years ago has now begun....

Versailles Virtual Tour

Versailles Virtual Tour
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Versailles is perhaps the world's most famous palace.  From 1682 until the revolution in 1789, it was the capital of France.  It was a showcase of French artistry on a scale never before (or since) attempted.

Today, it is an unmatched tourist attraction, pulling in 10 million visitors a year to view the magnificent works of art, furniture, architecture and gardens.

Now you can see this magnificent Palace and its gardens through the Versailles Virtual Tour.  See Louis XIV's bedroom, and Louis XVI's grotto in the gardens, even Marie Antoinette's private rooms where she could escape the constant public gaze.

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Content includes:

  • Colour photographs and descriptions of the interior of the Palace
  • Colour photographs and descriptions of all the fountains in the gardens
  • Colour photographs and descriptions of furniture and paintings
  • Videos of some interiors
  • Detailed floor and garden plans

Virtual Tour Features

All Virtual Tours include these features:

  • Zoom in on all photos
  • Fulltext search to be able to find what you want
  • Always be able to see where you are on the floor plan
  • Picture tool tips on the floor plan allow you to see the room you are wanting to explore
  • Highlighting of rooms as you move over them in the floor plan
  • All groups of pictures (e.g. of a room) can be played in a slide show
  • All groups of pictures are displayed in thumbnail format so you can easily display the one you want
  • Buttons to move to the next and previous room or furniture item
  • Room and furniture are separated to allow better descriptions
  • Detailed, visual index makes it easy to move to what you want
  • Furniture and works of art are organised into collections to make them easier to access
  • And much much more...

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Configuration
  • Pentium III or better processor.
  • 128Mb of RAM
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • At least 50Mb of free drive space to install the product.
  • Pentium IV or better processor.
  • 256Mb of RAM.
  • Windows 7
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