PM lost in Windsor Castle

If you often get lost in large buildings spare a thought for Gordon Brown the British Prime Minister. Apparently he managed to get lost in Windsor Castle on the way to a state banquet! His absence was noticed by several guests including Her Majesty the Queen, who was heard to comment “Has the Prime Minister got lost?”. The story goes that he got lost in a corridor whilst trying to find a route to the table in St Georges Hall. This doesn't seem a partially likely story as Windsor Castle as least on the principal floor is very well organised and relatively easy to follow, much of the back rooms having been redesigned after the fire of 1992. However, if he had got lost in Buckingham Palace and was never seen from again, no one would be surprised, as the palace is a miss mash of various rooms built on top of each other since the Duke of Buckingham's time 300 years ago. There is a rumor that even Queen Mary managed to get lost in the vast corridors of the palace!

Downing Street denies this story, blaming the Queen's staff “The Prime Minister always does what he is told on these occasions. He did not have any orientation problems.”

Had he actually got lost, he could have wandered down the Grand Corridor and explored the magnificent private apartments of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Should you which to explore these rooms you can.

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You can see some of the magnificent silver furniture at Windsor Castle by purchasing the Windsor Castle Virtual Tour.

Posted on Saturday 29 March, 2008
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