Download Resta


Resta is a FREE Screensaver brought to you by  It allows you to plug in multiple Screensavers purchased from as well as adding your own images to create something customised to your taste.


  • Support for all modern image formats including PNG,JPEG,BMP,etc...
  • Create one or more Resta Sets containing images from your own collection
  • Each Resta set can select an unlimited number of images from an unlimited number of folders
  • Add in one or more purchased Screensavers from
  • Images are randomly selected from any one of the sets or purchased screensavers you have installed
  • Turn off any one of the Sets if you do not want it displaying as part of the screensaver
  • Transitions between images
  • Images are scaled automatically to fit in the screen
  • Specify the font and font size to display text with each image
  • Select which image properties such as File Name and Date to display with the image
  • If available, the image description can be displayed
  • Specify the period of time to display each image
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